Management and Product Certification
Our main objectives consist of offering our clients a competitive, high-quality product.
To achieve this goal, we believe it is necessary to manage the company′s resources properly, and we think it is essential to respect the environment while ensuring the safety and health of the personnel who form part of our organization, and all of the organizations that interact with us, at both our installations and any of the work sites where we complete tasks.
As evidence that all of these key tools have been put in place within the organization, we rely on an entity of acknowledged prestige to certify actual implementation, tracking and ongoing improvement in these areas.
We have been awarded acknowledgment, in the form of certification, for our full quality management system (ISO 9001), as well as for complying with regulation 305/2011 of March 9 of for those products subject to it, and quality distinctions for several of our products.
Certificados y Homologaciones