Other Products
We study new items at the our clients′ request, and we cooperate on projects with other companies and technological institutions in order to develop new prefabricated concrete products and/or new formulas for concrete.
Among the products studied and developed for specific projects, the following are most notable:
Sistemas de Aterrizaje Instrumental

Instrumental Landing System (ILS)

Underground prefabricated concrete casing designed specifically for AENA as a product for integration of a land-based air approach and aircraft landing assistance system for adverse weather conditions.

We design, develop and manufacture different configurations, as well as performing transport, unloading and assembly at the work site itself.

Canaletas de Hormigón

Concrete Service Ducts

Our prefabricated concrete service ducts are compliant with the technical specifications of the rail operator ADIF and are intended for laying cables along the entire railroad line. They consist of a duct body and prefabricated covering made of concrete.


Imposts and Precast Slabs for Bridges

We design, develop and product prefabricated concrete items for bridges, one example of which is the Ronda Sur bridge in Valladolid.

Armarios de Distribución

Utility Cabinets

Intended for the centralization of electricity, water, distribution, gas and telephone services, they are mainly used in new housing developments.


Lighting for Roadways

We manufacture items designed for lighting roadways.


Other Products

We study any project proposed by our clients in order to develop a product which meets the needs they have.