Underground Containers
Contenedores Prefabricados de Hormigón

We design, develop and manufacture all types of prefabricated concrete containers for underground, partially underground and surface use, for different purposes, the most notable of which are:
Tanks for SUW (solid urban waste)
Prefabricated concrete tanks in one single piece, water-tight, allowing the coupling of different mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems for the extraction of waste containment systems. They are generally placed underground to minimize the visual impact of the containers on city streets.
Oil Containers
Made up of a prefabricated concrete tank in one single piece, to ensure it is perfectly sealed. They are used regularly as an oil collection system for large-sized transformers.
Water Tanks
Thanks to their monoblock production, which gives them a perfect seal, our containers may be used as water tanks with different applications.
Systems for Pre-treatment of Water
Used to separate solid particles from water used to wash vehicles in automatic and/or manual washing stations. They may be used as clarification tanks, as sand containers, etc.
Containers @
Monoblock or partitionable pieces of large sizes intended for jointly housing various underground urban utilities. They are normally used in new housing developments where the attempt is made to avoid constantly opening up new ditches for works. We are regular suppliers of 22@bcn.
Other Uses
We study any project proposed by our clients in order to develop a product which will meet their requested needs.

Underground Containers