Lighting Columns
Our lighting columns, made of reinforced polyester with truncated cone-shaped fiberglass, offer optimal technical properties:

  • Electrical properties: their electrically insulating material makes it unnecessary to install grounding.
  • Mechanical properties: decrease in injuries and death in the event of accidents thanks to their high impact absorption, great durability against external agents (pollutants, salinity, smoke, changes in temperature, biological agents, etc.) and a low weight which makes them easy to handle and transport.
Columnas de Alumbrado

In addition to a series of advantages compared with columns made of other materials:

  • Reinforced polyester columns with fiberglass can be recycled and are non-polluting.
  • They have a high degree of self-extinction in the event of a fire.
  • Their low weight and ease in handling makes it possible to change their placement in a simple manner, if required.
  • Their versatility allows them to be put to other uses (masts for flags, installing surveillance cameras, etc.)

Two different installation systems allow clients to choose the one which is best adapted to their construction needs:

  • Installation by embedding.
  • Installation by anchoring plate.

We supply the reinforced polyester columns with fiberglass separately or with the required accessories (anchoring plate, templates, bolts, junction box doors, connection box, braces, etc.)
The reinforced polyester columns with fiberglass are the CE distinction in accordance with standard UNE-EN 40-7.

Lighting Columns