Prefabricated Buildings Partitioned
When the client′s needs require large-sized prefabricated buildings made of concrete, the solution is to build them by assembling prefabricated concrete panels, which offer the following advantages:

  • High capacity for adaptation to user′s needs in terms of total dimensions, division of rooms into compartments and necessary spaces in panels.
  • Great versatility in finish types, with the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment.
  • Speed and safety in assembly, thereby decreasing accidents at work sites due to a low number of needed workers.
  • Cleanliness at the work site, little waste production and ease in recycling any waste, thereby complying with environmental regulations.

Edificios Prefabricados Panelables

To achieve this, we have the following:

  • Technical Department for studying and designing buildings and designing technical solutions.
  • Department of Prefabricated Partitionable Buildings which is in charge of drafting estimates, planning production and assembling the buildings.
  • Factory with more than 300 m2 of tilting platforms, cementing moulds, deltas, pillars and beams.
  • Our own assembly equipment, which can be taken all over the Iberian Peninsula.

In accordance with the sizes of the buildings, they may be classified as:

Edificios Prefabricados Hormigón Losa de Cimentación

Building with foundation slab: up to a width of 6 meters, unlimited length, with the possibility of two levels.

See building in 3D
Edificios Prefabricados Hormigón Zapatas

Building with footing: up to a width of 12 meters, unlimited length, and with a semi-basement of up to 1.5 meters in height.

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Edificios Prefabricados Hormigón Pilares

Building with pillars: containing several floors and a basement, of unlimited length and width, and the possibility of including horizontal and vertical panels.

See building in 3D
Our prefabricated concrete buildings are compliant with the applicable EHE-08, CTE and NCSE-02 regulations currently in force, as well as the specific regulations of different companies such as IBERDROLA, ENDESA, RED ELÉCTRICA, ADIF, etc., and those of other clients.

Prefabricated Buildings Partitioned